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Four Seasons Hotel, Tokyo

Tucked into the spectacular and historic 17-acre Chinzan-so Gardens, this luxurious hotel combines impeccable service with beautiful and large rooms.

Test Ryokan

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Tadaya Ryokan

A heritage spa in a spectacular ocean-side setting, Ryokan Tadaya is a traditional Japanese inn that features a classic one-story hiraya layout stretching toward Nanao Bay. Since its establishment in 1885, the inn has been run by the same family for five generations, offering visitors soothing open-air baths located just 2 meters from the sea, delectable seasonal cuisine and the peace of mind adjacent to the area’s breathtaking natural beauty.

The sumptuous cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients supplied generously by the farmers and fishermen of the nearby Noto Peninsula. The ever-changing menu features seasonal specialties, including sea bream in spring, rock oyster and abalone in summer, matsutake mushroom in autumn, and snow crabs and yellow tails in winter.

The various types of guest rooms each have a distinctive mood and focus on comfort and relaxation. While “Tsubaki An” rooms showcase the restrained beauty of classic Japanese design known as wabi, “Rikyu” rooms are based on early 20th century Taisho-style architecture that offers spacious interiors, luxurious furniture and ocean vistas. Situated in an outlying building that overlooks the bay, the rooms will make visitors feel enveloped in the arms of the ocean.


Beniya-mukayu invites you to enjoy the simple interior and exterior design of their property. Pass the time in your own way and appreciate the space while you are there.

The architect Sei Takeyama brought a sophisticated urban design to Yamashiro Onsen, one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan. Each guest room basks in sunlight during the day, and features a garden with a little tearoom where you can relax and be served tea. The simple modern design and warm hospitality will make you feel right at home.

Great emphasis is placed on various types of spa treatments including aroma-therapy massages and oil body treatments, which are not readily available in other hot spring resorts in Ishikawa Prefecture. The healing properties of the hot spring increase the effectiveness of these treatments.

The Kayotei

The inn’s 10 sukiya suites are arranged in the traditional style of a tea ceremony pavilion. With the sukiya style at its most discreet and understated elegance, the Kayotei offers exquisite intimate spaces influenced by the West in a nature setting known for inspiring the pearls of a haiku poet.

The Kayotei inn is set at the beginning of a lovely walking trail following the perimeter of Kakusen Gorge, about a half-hour south of Kanazawa. Along the path is a thatched arbor dedicated to Haiku poet Basho Matsuo, who wrote of these trees and skies and waters in the 1600s.

Yamanaka Onsen is a hot spring town located far west of Tokyo and nearly on the Sea of Japan.The Buddhist priest Gyoki first discovered Yamanaka’s hot spring waters over a thousand years ago. In the 1970s, after years of consideration and study with an architect, craftsman, and a chef, the Kayotei inn was opened.